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Eviction Services and Pricing

The following options are available and you can choose one or more to accommodate your situation based upon where you are in the eviction process.

We work with each client on a case by case basis by offering an array of different options to assist with your particular requirements.

1. Demand for Possession/Notice to Vacate mailed via certified mail.
2. Filing of eviction petition at the Justice of the Peace precinct where your property is located.
3. Representation at the court hearing as your authorized agent.(Additional charges may be required for properties located outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.)
$149 per additional Defendant

Number of Defendants

All adults listed on a lease or residing at the property are required to be listed as a Defendant on the eviction petition.

Priority Processing: $199 per case

Your case will receive individualized processing and the demand for possession letter will be mailed within 24 hours via certified mail. Includes priority filing of the eviction petition with the court (approximately 6 days after the notice to vacate is mailed), which will result in the earliest possible court date.

Writ of Possession Filing: $399

Filing of the paperwork with the court requesting a writ of possession (constable enforced lockout) (Locksmith and labor which will be required by the constable are not included.)

Writ of Possession Execution Services:
(Labor and Locksmith): $699 (4 Men) / $899 (6 Men) / $1099 (8 Men)

This service will be customized once the constable states how many men are required at the execution of the writ of possession. Includes the removal of all items inside the house and placed on the curb as directed by the Constable and the changing of the entrance/exit locks by a locksmith. Additional labor and/or hours could be required by the constable on the date of the writ of possession.
(Removal of any items placed on the curb is not included.)

Writ of Possession Execution Services: (Labor and Locksmith):
County Court Appeals: $199
Travel Fees (Counties Located Outside of 60 Mile Radius of DFW):  Starting at $149 and dependent on location.
A 3% processing charge will be added to all Paypal payments.

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For info Text 469-233-1722

Fees are non-refundable.  We act solely as your authorized agent to represent you in the Justice of the Peace Court and we are not attorneys, nor can we provide legal advice.  We recommend you contact an attorney if you would like to obtain legal advice regarding your case.